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We provide tailored solutions for Project financing and Infrastructure projects in Eurasian region. Our team is made of former project finance bankers and experienced infrastructure professionals with a deep understanding of the challenges related to raising limited recourse project financing in the sectors and markets in which we are active.





We have been at the forefront of completing complex infrastructure advisory and project finance transactions, with a particular focus on the challenging markets in Eurasian region.
As the recognized regional leader in infrastructure finance, our advice helps clients make the right decision. Delivery of privately financed infrastructure projects or corporate assets is a complex process requiring expert advice. Investors and funders need to know their money is being invested in projects or businesses that offer clear returns and predictable cash flows from appropriate structures. Governments and public bodies need to develop funding and delivery strategies that attract investment in sustainable infrastructure to deliver economic and social growth. Sponsors, developers and operators, meanwhile, need to choose the right type of capital and financing model to ensure projects or corporate initiatives are affordable, provide value for money and offer a stable, lasting legacy.

Our Commitment

We are a specialty advisory firm committed to making a consequential impact to development of infrastructure in Eurasia region in a meaningful wa. We are at the forefront of optimizing private sector participation in public infrastructure assets. By enabling the convergence of management consulting, financial advisory, and capital project advisory we foster unprecedented advantages for our clients.

Our Clients

We advise owners, developers, lenders and investors on the full cycle of infrastructure transactions, major projects advisory and asset management. We support our clients in exploring entirely new ways to create, capture and deliver value.

Our Solutions

We provide the multidisciplinary “invisible infrastructure” that is required today to make world-changing Public-Private Projects come to life. This includes: best practices and emergent practices, insights and intellectual know-how, transparent processes, integrated technology tools, as well as the most efficient leverage of interdisciplinary teams for the full transaction life cycle.

Our Experience

We pride in creating the optimal combination of experience gained in global organizations with the responsiveness and flexibility associated with a boutique consultancy. Our services are driven by our insights.

Our Independence

Free from conflicts and perceptions of undue risk, our mission is to lead innovative solutions in the investment cycle spanning feasibility/strategic planning, transaction structure, procurement, construction and operations.


Our team of project and infrastructure finance advisory experts help clients understand the nature of risk and opportunity in funding, financing and investing in infrastructure and projects. We have advised on the built environment, defence, energy, international development, transport and water sectors, and their activity covers infrastructure and project finance, public finance, and public private partnership (PPP/P3) arrangements, as well as merger and acquisition.

Our clients receive comprehensive advice, from inception to financial close, to help them unlock the full potential offered by project or corporate infrastructure finance. Our advice enables you to make data-driven decisions based on economic, strategic and operational insight. We do so through our expertise in infrastructure strategy and planning, financial and commercial arrangements, legal, assurance, governance, service commissioning, and data and analytics. The supporting depth and breadth of our expertise in infrastructure combined with our unique advisory insights and local knowledge ensure we help our clients make the right decisions wherever they may be based.

We are proud to leave a positive legacy for communities, as well as ensure the commercial success of our clients’ efforts. By working in partnership with everyone involved or affected by a project or investment, we help to ensure it delivers economic and social benefits.


Government & Public Agencies

  • Strategic Planning and Economic Development
  • Affordability and Value For Money
  • Feasibility, Valuation and Market Studies
  • Innovation Advisory, Smart Cities
  • Project Finance
    • Options Analysis
    • Risk Allocations
    • Transaction Structure
    • Pro-forma Financial Analysis
  • Contracting Strategy
  • Bid, Negotiations and Award
  • Project/Program/Process Management
  • Construction Monitoring, Audits
  • Asset Management
  • Technology Strategy & Implementation

Private Sponsors and Developers

  • Outsourced Bid Preparation
    • Teaming & Partnering
    • RFP Evaluation
    • Risk Assessment
    • Coordination with Consultants
    • Financial Model
    • Negotiations
  • Unsolicited Proposals
  • Innovation Advisory
  • Asset Management
  • Financing and Refinancing Support
  • Technology Strategy & Implementation

Lenders - Banks, Financiers, Asset Mgrs

  • Due Diligence
  • Asset Management
    • Performance Improvement
    • Sustainability
  • Refinancing Support
  • Technology Strategy & Implementation

Investors – Funds & Institutional Investors

  • Outsourced Representation on Bids
  • Independent Due Diligence on Bids
  • Due Diligence for Acquisitions
  • Market Research
  • Innovation Advisory


Market assessment and development

We lay the foundations for the development of public or private sector capability and capacity, and help to develop institutional structures and capability, as well as identify project pipelines and delivery strategies. From a PPP/P3 pipelines perspective, we've helped develop and establish models in Eurasia.

Project preparation

We develop business or investment cases to enable international infrastructure investment, and promote economic growth, social prosperity and sustainable development. We apply international good practice; implement custom solutions to develop bankable projects or investable businesses; and prepare technical documentation and commercial performance frameworks, as well as specifications and assurance and monitoring frameworks and processes for design, construction and project or asset operations. By assessing project feasibility, we ensure plans are achievable and deliverable.

Project procurement

We build new procurement models, prepare tender documents, and conduct due diligence reviews. By bringing certainty and clarity to complex projects during this key market interaction phase, we ensure the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

Transaction advisory

We give investors, funders, and funds the assurance to invest with confidence by connecting with our global network of technical experts. As a team we: review technical and commercial proposals, and stakeholder capability and contractual arrangements; conduct in-depth technical, economic, environmental, social due diligence, and appraise complex performance models and frameworks; identify and allocate residual risks at all stages of procurement, deal closure, construction, and operations; and help to secure additional multilateral or development finance for complex transactions in less developed economies. We also advise on acquisitions of multi-sector portfolios of infrastructure assets.

Monitoring and assurance

We provide whole-life asset assurance services. We help investors and managers continue to deliver and improve on successful projects, protect investments, ensuring optimum performance through construction and operations to the end of concession, or through asset divestment in a non-project corporate infrastructure finance environment.

Infrastructure Finance

The practice works with an array of clients in the Infrastructure financing space on adopting new and innovative financial instruments, advising clients on structuring options for monetizing infrastructure assets and deleveraging and on setting up Government-led market-making development fund structures to seed and develop Infrastructure assets of nation-building and strategic importance.
Illustrative areas of work under the Infrastructure Finance umbrella with various client groups are summarized below:

  • Developers / Investors / Financial Institutions / Asset Reconstruction companies Opportunity mapping and growth strategy
  • Asset monetization, financial structuring / restructuring assistance (viz., IDFs/IFCs/InvITs)
  • Deal and transaction advisory: M&A, buy/sell-side deals, valuation, due diligence, appraisals
  • Portfolio management and monitoring
Governments, Development Financing institutions and Multi-laterals

  • Establish/operationalize nodal Infrastructure Funds, and Institutions
  • Design of new Instruments/Credit enhancements
  • Asset monetization strategy and implementation

Public-Private Partnerships

Infrastructure development and service delivery are top priorities for governments across the globe to achieve sustained economic growth. The traditional sources of finance for governments for infrastructure creation, viz. budgetary allocations are usually strained with increased demand for improved quality infrastructure creation and service delivery. Therefore, governments across the globe are adopting the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model to mobilize private capital and operational efficiencies for infrastructure creation and service delivery. Aligned with this agenda of governments across the globe, PPP advisory has been a key focus area for Westport Capital Infrastructure Advisory.

We provide end-to-end PPP advisory to clients including advice on creating PPP enabling environment, PPP transaction advisory, post bid contract management, and PPP capacity building.

Enabling frameworks for PPPs and financing

As a part advisory services for creating the PPP enabling environment, we support our clients in structuring the PPP Policy, the Institutional Framework for PPPs, the Legal and Regulatory Framework governing PPPs, the Standard Operating Procedures to structure bankable and viable PPPs, and the Best Practices for PPP Contract Management. We also support clients in designing various types of financial support mechanisms to enable smooth implementation of PPPs including, Project Development Funds (PDF) to support PPP project preparation at par with international standards, Viability Gap Financing (VGF) and other Government Support Mechanisms (GSM) and Credit Enhancement Mechanisms (CEM) to enable PPPs avail long term financing.

Transaction advisory services

As a part of the PPP transaction advisory services, we support our clients from conceptualization to commercial closure of a PPP deal. Specific areas of support include, (i) identification, prioritization, and creation of a PPP project pipeline, (ii) project suitability for implementation through the PPP route, (iii) project preparation including feasibility assessment, project structuring and risk assessment, (iv) bid process management including structuring of bid documents, bidding process, contract negotiations and commercial closure.

Post award management and capacity building

As a part of the post bid contract management and capacity building services, we support our clients in fulfilling their PPP contract obligations during the Conditions Precedent (CP) period post commercial close. We also provide capacity building support to our clients through customized training programs on PPP Project Preparation and Structuring, Financial Feasibility and Risk Assessment, Bid Process Management, Infrastructure Financing, and Viability Gap Funding.

Public Finance

Even as devolution and decentralization of Government spending has slowly but surely taken roots in Eurasia and several other emerging economies, there is a need among Governments at various levels (Federal, State and Local levels) to put in place frameworks for managing expenditure better and more efficiently and to allocate and spend funds to deliver development outcomes in prudent, efficient, and transparent manner. There is also a need to undertake structural reforms that enable progressive taxation, revenue buoyancy and tap other avenues including disinvestment and asset monetisation, to release greater level of resources to development needs and poverty alleviation. Judicious access to capital market financing of projects of critical importance while being fiscally responsible is another challenge governments need to tackle.

Our services in the area of Public Finance covers the following areas of support to Governments at National, State and Local levels:

  • Economic Vision and Agenda setting for Governments
  • Governance reforms and Capacity building
  • Fiscal Planning and Debt Management strategy
  • Formulation of enabling policy / regulatory frameworks
  • Feasibility evaluation to establish and operationalize Infrastructure Funds and Institutions
  • Medium term Expenditure management frameworks
  • Strategy and Business Plans for Public sector entities and institutions
  • Asset monetization strategy and implementation
  • Roadmap for accessing Capital Markets
  • Program Implementation support

Our Dedicated Advisory Team

Each member of Westport Capital team brings a blend of financial, regulatory, technical and qualitative experience to our clients interested in project finance solutions, developing infrastructure projects and public-private partnerships.
Dauletkhan Kilybayev

Project Finance and Infrastructure Expert


Mr. Kilybayev is a Principal at Westport Capital, with nearly two decades of experience in structuring, arranging, and executing large-scale infrastructure and project financing deals in both the public and private sectors. He is the architect of multiple complex solutions addressing the banking and infrastructure financing industries across Kazakhstan and the rest of Central Asia. His comprehensive expertise covers sectors such as power & utility, water treatment and supply, industrial production, oil and gas production, oil and gas recycling, and telecommunications. Mr. Kilybayev has received numerous industry awards for his major contributions to the economic development of Kazakhstan and the Central Asia region, including the Jubilee Medal awarded by the President of Kazakhstan; the Excellence Insignia awarded by the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan; and the Scroll of Honor awarded by the Financial Institutions’ Association of Kazakhstan.

Nurlan Asilbekov



Over 15 years of international banking, exploration and production oil company experience having worked on projects in USA (Barclays Capital), UK (Credit Suisse), and Russia (Exillon Energy). Previously responsible for building USD 1 bn market capitalization exploration and production company in Russia.
Mr. Asilbekov graduated in Economics and Mathematics from Colby College, USA, and hold an executive MBA degree from Kellogg-Guanghua.

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